Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WebDriver - Switch to a New Window

WebDriver - Switch to a New Window

Here you will learn how to switch to new window, switch to new browser or switch from child to parent window and more using Selenium WebDriver.

Following is a short snippet of code taken from Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook by Unmesh Gundecha. This code helps in identifying and handling a window by its name.
//Let's implement a test that identifies a pop-up window using its name attribute as follows: 
public void testWindowPopup() 
//Save the WindowHandle of Parent Browser Window 
String parentWindowId = driver.getWindowHandle();

//Clicking Help Button will open Help Page in new Popup Browser Window 
WebElement helpButton = driver.findElement("helpbutton"));;

//Switch to the Help Popup Browser Window 
catch (NoSuchWindowException e) 

//Verify the driver context is in Help Popup Browser Window 

//Close the Help Popup Window 

//Move back to the Parent Browser Window 

//Verify the driver context is in Parent Browser Window 
assertTrue(driver.getTitle().equals("Build my Car - Configuration")); 

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