Sunday, October 14, 2012

Select / Check Check-box Webdriver

Select / Check Check-box Webdriver

Below posted links will help you to select or check multiple checkbox options in Selenium 2 / Webdriver. So go ahead and check / uncheck checkbox / checkboxes using selenium 2 or webdriver.

1. Check radio buttons and checkboxes [Link]

2. Click Check-box from the list of Check boxes via Selenium/Webdriver [Link]

3. Verify the check box checked or not [Link]

4. select or check multiple checkbox python selenium [Link]

5. Selenium checkbox attribute "checked" [Link]

6. Checking and Unchecking Web Checkbox [Link]

7. Find out if a checkbox is selected [Link]

8. Selenium verify checkbox is checked by text [Link]

9. Moving to Selenium 2 on WebDriver, Part No.2 [Link]

10. How to uncheck multiple check boxes at the same time in Selenium WebDriver (Java) [Link]

11. What is the correct way to select an option using Selenium's Python WebDriver [Link]