Thursday, July 26, 2012

Selenium WebDriver & Internet Explorer

Selenium WebDriver & Internet Explorer

Below are some of the links to help you with your efforts to get Selenium WebDriver & Internet Explorer working:

1. Internet Explorer Driver. [Link]

2. How do I start the Internet Explorer WebDriver for Selenium in Python? [Link]

3. Interacting with web pages using Selenium WebDriver for C#. [Link]

4. Selenium Web Driver: InternetExplorerDriver : NoSuchElementException. [Link]

5. Using the Selenium WebDriver. [Link]

6. Selenium WebDriver and InternetExplorer. [Link]

7. Selenium WebDriver error for IE. [Link]

8. Selenium Two Tutorial using C#/NUnit and InternetExplorerDriver. [Link]

This above tutorial will tell you how to set up your first test using the Selenium-WebDriver code. This tutorial will not be using the Remote Driver and it will be using the InternetExplorerDriver as this is the only complete browser at the moment that doesn't need to be built from the Repository.

9. Interacting with web pages using Selenium WebDriver for C#. [Link]

In this above post the author takes you through the process of using Selenium WebDriver to automate some interaction with a web browser and hopefully show you how powerful Selenium is. The author takes a simple scenario as an example – submitting a request to the Google search engine. In this example, Internet Explorer is used.

10. Starting Opera Browser and Internet Explorer (IE) using WebDriver(Selenium2) with example. [Link]